Orange and Blue is comic about a fox named Felix who meets a strangely blue-colored wolf named Farah. After learning that Farah is an amnesiac, Felix decides to help her regain her memory, all the while exploring the inconsistencies and ironies of life and comics in general.



Felix the Red Fox – Felix is an average young red fox: he eats, sleeps, and walks. He is, however, very sarcastic and quick to point out other people’s flaws.
He does have a good side to him, but he is somewhat embarrassed to show it.

Farah the Gray (Blue?) Wolf – Farah is a grey wolf who, for some reason, is blue. Something happened to her a while back that she can’t exactly remember, but it involved
laboratories. Farah is extremely intelligent, moreso than any other gray wolf, but she tends to be a klutzy airhead most of the time. Lately, her memory has been improving, and she can remember her intelligence being tested for some reason.


Tiffany the Red Fox – Tiffany is Felix’s mother. She tends to be clumsy at times and gives unusual forms of advice. In spite of this, she is knowledgeable and
accepting of others. She treats everyone nicely and deeply cares for both Felix and Farah. Although Sergio can be a pain to deal with, Tiffany finds his idiosyncrasies enjoyable in a strange way.


Sergio the Gray Fox – Sergio is Felix’s father. He is an eccentric sort of person who is more of a child at heart than an adult father figure. Due to his frequent and long escapades to the city, he has become adept at standing on two legs and maneuvering through the city. Though he seems strange at times, his heart always appears to be in the right place. 

Papu the Green Parrot – Papu is a parrot who was formerly owned by some young couple in the city. Wanting a more spacious life with interesting quirks to keep him entertained (and sane), he found his opportunity and escaped from his owners into the forest. Papu seems to know something about Farah’s past, and his owners may have something to do with it.


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