150 – Final Sight of a Friend




Not seeing your friend after an exhausting experience like that…it’s gotta make you wonder. Then again, Hayden is a kangaroo, I’m sure he would be smart and tough enough to escape.

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149 – A Bet on the Delivery




Well, I guess they could bet on assorted twigs. Oh wait, they’re in a laboratory…Yeah, it’s pretty nonsensical animals to make bets

148 – Spanner in his Plan




What do you mean “WHAT!?”? Why else would she be laying down and not moving too much for weeks on end? Well, at any rate, this makes escaping pretty challenging.


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147 – Little Lupine Secret



You never know with those stoic types, do you? Just one giant enigma. But…just what is the reason…!?

146 – Kumishalla’s Plight



Being an endangered species must be constantly nerve-wracking. To think there are only relatively small number of your kind left…

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