1024 – Calibration Period


She’s simply buffering!

1023 – The Money Shot


Now, for our feature presentation.

1022 – Instant Spice


The more unreasonable your argument, the larger your scowl as it gets dunked on.

1021 – Casual Hypocrisy


Consistency in your opinions isn’t the easiest trait to maintain when you’re mad.

Orange & Blue – 11 Years!


If I had to choose one word to describe this year, it would be “growth”. I’ve experienced personal growth as a person and technical growth as an artist. I had a lot of fun trying out new techniques and ideas in the storylines this year, and I pushed some characters into new spots in their own personal stories. At this point, the world of Orange & Blue has become a relaxing canvas unto which I can paint some new scenarios and jokes. Writing this webcomic is always a blast, and I hope you, the reader, have been enjoying it as well. Thank you for reading, whether this is the first you’re seeing of Orange & Blue or you’ve been around for a while. Let’s keep up the energy for next year!

Happy Birthday to our growing fox and maturing wolf!