052 – Exams


Just came back from an exam myself. Sorry for the lateness.

051 – Socratic Method for Dummies


Why is the sky blue? Why do fools fall in love? Why are you humming that patriotic wartune?

050 – New Wolf, Old Tricks


Yeah, the beg trick seems really non-conducive to hunting behavior now. Also, MILESTONE COMIC!!!!

049 – Something Fishy


In a weird, kind of twisted sort of way, Sergio’s doing the “right” thing for Felix. I guess.

048 – Made you look


Based on a true story. Also, I’ve always wanted a chance to use the word “splendiferous” in a comic.

047 – Good Old-Fashioned Fun


Farah is funny when she’s psychologically torturing her only friend with the unlikely prospect that he will be eaten, isn’t she?

046 – Existentialism is so last year


It’s a breath of fresh air to finally say, “You know what? The meaning of life isn’t that important, just go eat some food.”