201 – First Flurry


201Only Felix can make snowflakes sound like the most amazing things you’ve ever heard of.

Incidentally, I just had my first day of flurries since summer today.

Also, I’ve been making changes to the comic’s art style (and the resolution of the image), and I think they’ve been working out for me.  I hope you like them.


200 – A Relationship Rekindled



I really love Sergio and Tiffany together. Just goes to show you that admitting your feelings is always a good thing to do, even if you’re not given that much of a prompt to do so.

Wow, I made it to 200 comics! Isn’t it lovely?

199 – The World’s Greatest Alarm Clock


199I totally wouldn’t mind having Farah waking me up in the morning. That blue fur looks really cozy.


198 – Halloween Outfit Contemplation



Happy 2-day-late Halloween. It fits in pretty neatly with the whole Autumn arc, and I finally got to draw Felix with multiple tails!

…what? I’ve wanted to draw him like that for a while, sue me.

197 – What Everyone Thinks about Autumn Nights



Admit it, this thought (or a variation of it) has crossed your mind at least once on a chilly Autumn night. Seriously, the days can range from tolerably chilly to bright and sunny. But once that sun falls, into the ice bucket we go.

196 – The Way You Are and Stuff



You’ve all heard it before! And it’s good advice.

195 – Think, Think, Think



Don’t think about relaxing? But I have to think about it if I don’t think about it I’ll explode from my thoughts bundling up too much an it won’t be pretty trust me haha it’s like that time my friend wrote and wrote and wrote and ended up writing a really long and nearly unpunctuated run-on sentence oh wait.