762 – Smell The Roses


Well, “talk to” the roses, in this case.

761 – Chomping At The Bit


Just goes to show you: even in an ethereal forest, ticks are still a nuisance.

760 – Mental Overload


Too much learning will rot your brain! …Right?

No comic for Friday. We’ll be back next week!

759 – Under the Wood


I think you mean, “WHEN am I?”. No, wait, that’s dumb.

758 – Head-On Learning


If your friend told you to tackle a tree, would you do it?

Orange and Blue – 8 Years!


This has been quite the great year for me, both within this comic and in other parts of my life. I feel like I’ve gotten to take these characters to new and interesting places over the course of 2019, and it’s been fun seeing where they can go next. It’s still hard to believe I’ve been at this for 8 years, but I’ve enjoyed every second of it. And I hope you all continue to enjoy reading! Thank you for following the bizarre journeys of these colorful animals!

We’ll be back with more of said journeys on Wednesday!

757 – Not Quite Plane


The highest form of culture shock.