063 – Looming Calamity


When it comes to knowledge of the forest, Papu is a complete Neanderthal. He truly is the anti-Sergio.

062 – Taste The Rainbow


This strip makes me wonder, do the people who read this comic remember the names more or the colors? Leave a comment, if you will.

061 – The Bird Thing


Man, if you take a good look at a couple of birds for a while, you realize the stuff they do looks really weird. They twitch around a lot. Hmm, maybe I should get into birdwatching…nah.

060 – Masterpiece


You know, the more I write comics with Tiffany in them, the more I realize I’ve been adding a darker and more sarcastic layer to her personality.

059 – Puncturing Personal Passion


Papu’s personal passion was poignantly punctured by a persnickety vulPine in 3 panels.