075 – Misgivings


TADA! Color, detail, better shading. All this and more will be found in the next arc.

074 – Heed The Beak


Papu is revealing stuff left and right! Soon he’ll reveal that they’re all in a webcomic and that one person has been orchestrating the events of their life. Would that make me both the good and bad guy of this story?

073 – Pushing Buttons


Clearly Felix has learned from the past not to say “City” in company of his mother. Too bad Papu can’t learn to control his volume.

072 – Spit out the Truth


Telling the truth is the easiest part of breaking it to someone; the hard part is that someone’s reaction.

071 – Upsetting the Balance


Sergio’s dialogue in the second panel really show how conflicted he is living the forest. Really, he is a freak of nature to some extent. But this means more city escapades, and luckily for everyone, I am actually going to draw out the city this time!