097 – Tranquil Irony


Papu, you chatterbox! You more than anyone know how opportunities work in this comic: you take one as soon you get it and ask questions later. Analyzing it simply leads to 2-panel situations like this one.

096 – Ignorant Reunion


Papu’s scream is that special kind where the person to whom you’re explaining something JUST DOESN’T GET IT. It’s that special kind of “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHH!” that feels oh-so magical once you’ve finished screaming.

095 – Street Crossing


“A fox, a wolf, a parrot, and a dog are about to cross the street.”

Yeah, that does sound stupid.

094 – How Else was that Going to End?


Sergio just trolled everyone, big time. He’s one smart cookie.

93 – THE Comedy Club


I suppose there’s a certain weird charm in listening to a dirty homeless man talk to no one…