029 – A Big Happy Family


I don’t know about big…but hey, at least Tiffany is happy! I’m going to update the About section with information on Sergio.

028 – The Not-So-Objective Answer


To be fair,  as I wrote Sergio’s dialogue, I was being convinced that cities are the best things since sliced bread…and I do not like the city that much myself.

027 – Catch Up Like A Boss


I couldn’t help but find the “Like A Boss” absolutely necessary in the title. So here’s Sergio, the perfect father, no? I kind of wish the second panel had voicework just  to truly convey how Felix said that.

026 – The Anticlimax


End of the week character reveal! I really enjoyed drawing this one, and I have a feeling everyone will enjoy Sergio as well.

025 – Parent Roulette