112 – CliffsNotes



Oho, Felix. Exploiting a simple question to get your own monologue? I thought I raised you better than that. And just wait until you find out who his conversation partner is…

111 – Reversal



Never think that it is a good idea to go into a room with a wolf. No matter how close you think you may be with it, things will go wrong if you make him or her angry.


Happy (extremely late) Holidays and New Year! I’m sorry that I didn’t update throughout the past 2 weeks, but I have had the holidays and some other things to deal with since I came home for my winter break. Christmas was very satisfying, and New Years was nice as well. I hope you continue to enjoy Orange and Blue throughout 2013!

110 – For a Good Cause?


What matters more: you and your past which may affect all who you love, or one of you dearest friends

I was originally going to just make this title “For a Good Cause”, but when I thought about it, the ethics of this decision are pretty ambiguous.

109 – Back to Business



Wow, Ashley sure has a way with words, doesn’t she?

108 – What a Horrible Phrase


For Papu, it's a lasting craze.

Fact: Papu has seenĀ The Lion King over thirty times. His original owners loved it. Unhealthily, in fact.

107 – Meanwhile…


It's like there's caffeine in his blood. Sedating Sergio is like trying to stop a train with nitrogen-oxide fuel blasters being towed by Sonic the Hedgehog. With a feather. And those jumpsuit guys are now officially Joe and John. Which one is which? That’s for you to decide.

106 – More Saving to Do


What a know-it-all

Sometimes it pays to be cynical. Also, I’m experimenting with emotion/mood background panels here. I hope to make them a bit more common in this new style.