117 – The Above Average Rescue


Who doesn't like giant buttons?

Pushing buttons is too much fun to be passed up.

116 – Topical Haiku



Reciting haiku on the spot is the best way to bring forth your emotions. But before you do so, take note of your surroundings to be sure that your topic is still relevant.

115 – The Bars Trick


115Have you ever seen a movie where the characters are thrown in jail, yet their bodies seem to be small enough to fit through the bars? I’ve personally always wondered why they couldn’t just slide themselves through the bars and plan a break out, as our heroes are doing at the moment.

114 – Old as Dirt




Never ask a woman…er, female wolf’s age. It’s just plain rude!

113 – Starting a Partnership



Yes, Kumishalla (or Kumi for short). Oh boy, it was SO much fun to draw her and her expressions. I think we’ll all see a general increase in the range of expressions for the entire cast from now on.