673 – Softer Words


Some people just put in more effort with their research, right?


672 – Eloquence


Redundancy is the soul of redundancy.

671 – Layered Language


Well, she did say “hunting” and not just hunting. If only Tiffany could read those quotation marks.

670 – Background Noise


“Shh, you’re interrupting the nature!”

669 – All Aboard the Flashback Train



Tiffany warmly embraces cartoony storytelling devices, and you should too!

Orange & Blue – 7 Years!


7 Year Anniversary.png

Vegging out and watching some home movies on the couch sounds pretty cozy, doesn’t it? Boy, year seven…I been through a lot within all the time Orange & Blue has been going. I’ve gotten better at drawing, been exposed to more media, people, and other influences, developed new tastes, and much more. 2018 was a really a great year for me, and I think that has been reflected in the comic itself. The past few arcs have been a blast to work on, and I think they’ve turned out the best overall. I hope you continue to read and see how these characters get in and out of their silly situations. Thank you very much, readers!

668 – You Matter



A simple lesson to learn from a convoluted stunt.