068 – Reaction


Yesterday I practiced my character designs and angles. I think it paid off: just look at Farah in the first panel!


067 – The Point of a Comic


Having your life narrated in the third person with omniscience can get annoying. It would be frustrating to constantly hear, “HE THEN DREW SERGIO, THEN HE DREW A TREE. HE COULD NOT WAIT TO DEVELOP THIS STORY ARC.” You get the idea. I think it’s worse when all the narration is in caps.

066 – Midlife Crisis


The more I reread this comic, the more it seemed like Sergio was having is midlife crisis, hence the name. Boy, this makes me wonder what my midlife crisis will be like. I hope it’s something involving flying airplanes, because that would just be awesome.

065 – Reality of Reality TV


You know, I feel bad for the editors of reality TV shows who have to take out every curse and replace them with censorship bleeps. It must be an all-nighter job.

064 – I’m Funny and so Can You


The hardest part of being a critic is saying you’re wrong. Shown in full effect in the above comic!