Felix Painting

Been working on my digital painting chops!

If you like this style, check out my other comic, Full Blossom: http://fullblossomcomic.tumblr.com

213 – Broadened Horizons


213And so, Papu’s journey begins… what will he gain? Only time will tell.


137 – Genre Blind




Oooh, four panels today. My first experience with “Master of Puppets” was having the headphones shoved into my ears on full blast. Not very pleasant.

135 – Forest Greeting



Believe it or not, I have had a squirrel drop an acorn right on my head before. I tell you, there’s no respect when they’re involved…

…alternate title: Acorn to the Head. I apologize in advance for that.

067 – The Point of a Comic


Having your life narrated in the third person with omniscience can get annoying. It would be frustrating to constantly hear, “HE THEN DREW SERGIO, THEN HE DREW A TREE. HE COULD NOT WAIT TO DEVELOP THIS STORY ARC.” You get the idea. I think it’s worse when all the narration is in caps.