090 – Impression



Ashley’s bluntness is from her constant exposure to strangeness throughout her travels in the city. Or something like that.


089 – Crossroads…sort of


Funny how city streets can work at times, isn’t it?

088 – A Revealing View



Hoo boy Sergio, the chances are looking grim for you to win the “Father of the Year” or “Husband of the Year” awards this year.

087 – A Good Distraction



You’d be surprised how many things you miss while texting. I guess it takes falling down an open manhole to realize that stuff’s going on.

086 – Skyscrapers


It's like looking up at basketball players.

Skyscrapers: the universal source of unwanted claustrophobia. Seriously, look up the next time you go into the city. For me at least, it feels like the buildings are looking down on me. Also, that angle in panel two was fun to draw.

085 – More Comic Logic


Maybe it’s because I watch too many cartoons, but it seems like saving someone’s life always means that they’ll be there to guide you. Realistically, I guess this is kinda stalker-ish.

084 – City View


Obviously, you do not want to get lost in the city. When there are giant buildings and a sea of people in the street, you never know what could…happen…wait, what’s that in the last panel?