297 – Cute Curse



It’s kind of like trying to take a baby panda seriously when it gains the ability to talk and explains to you ways of achieving perpetual motion. You know you should be listening, but he’s just too darn cute.

119 – A Little Self-Indulgence


That last panel, mmmmm.

Her coolness is radiating an aura of pink.

092 – Cheer Up


This comic cheered me up considerably as I was drawing it. Funny part was that I was having a good day to begin with. By the way, this is the last comic in this story arc. What’s next? No one knows…I think.

038 – Embrace the Future


Not just a message to wrap up the arc, but also a life message applicable to many.

029 – A Big Happy Family


I don’t know about big…but hey, at least Tiffany is happy! I’m going to update the About section with information on Sergio.