153 – Nature in HD



Watching nature up close tends to be more interesting than watching your average movie. That is, if you’re actually watching the animals rather than just the plants.

142 – Those Who Ask Nicely



Kumi’s the only main character that hasn’t been drawn in the old art style before. I figured I’d give her some time to live in the era of sketchy art.

124 – A Mother’s Pontification



I’m sure every parent somewhere has had this chain of thought. Unless you have telepathy or can see you child’s future.

099 – Fickleness


Funny how fast friends can turn on you, huh? If you haven’t noticed by now, Farah IS slightly taller than Felix, so she’d probably be able to take him down pretty easily. The question is, what happened?

098 – Release the Kraken


New art style, you dig? I think this looks much cleaner than before and is way more appealing to the eye. Tell me what you think! Also, Orange and Blue’s 1 year anniversary is coming up on the 14th, which luckily happens to be a Wednesday. Expect some special art.