219 – Schadenfreude



Sometimes wanting to see what humorously crazy situations people get themselves into is enough of a reason to help them. Not the most altruistic reason, mind you.


159 – The Reluctant Wolverine



Why do dads in cartoons and comics seem to place so much pressure upon their children to be paragons of their family? It’s such a waste of time. Maybe your bloodthirsty wolverine cub is actually an artist on the inside.

157 – Rogue Weirdo



Holy double strip, Batman! That’s a wolverine, in case you were curious. A highly stylized one. Also, he’s one of those good ol’ rogue weirdos Farah mentioned a hundred or so strips ago.

143 – A Striking Memory



Female kangaroos have pouches in which they carry their offspring. Male kangaroos box each other for dominance. To dodge a punch, kangaroos can fling their entire head back at a nearly 90 degree angle. Kangaroos are INSANELY WEIRD ANIMALS. However, that’s what makes them awesome.

112 – CliffsNotes



Oho, Felix. Exploiting a simple question to get your own monologue? I thought I raised you better than that. And just wait until you find out who his conversation partner is…

106 – More Saving to Do


What a know-it-all

Sometimes it pays to be cynical. Also, I’m experimenting with emotion/mood background panels here. I hope to make them a bit more common in this new style.

104 – The Scent Method


I did this with my friend's chihuahua. It didn't work.

Well, being a scientist, I’m sure she used Purel first. Ah, that artificially delicious smell is simply intoxicating.