Orange and Blue will return 9/2


Taking a break this week, but then we’re back into the fray!

Orange and Blue will return on Friday!


Now that finals are over, time for a summer of fun with your favorite forest animals!

No Updates this Week…again



The charger for my tablet has decided to die (for the fourth time since I bought my tablet), so I can’t charge it. Sigh, gotta wait for a week.

Orange and Blue is Taking a Break this Week


Hey everyone, just wanted to announce that there won’t be any updates for Orange and Blue this week. I’m currently playing a game of “don’t drown in work” and I’m losing.
Don’t worry though, Orange and Blue will resume as usual next week. See you then!

Orange and Blue delayed to next week


I have some important groomsman-related duties to attend to this week, so I will be updating the comic next week instead. Enjoy your week; I know I will!