“Happy” Black Friday…


Image (1041)

With Thanksgiving and now Christmas preparations being thrown all around, I lost track of time, so comic 300 will come tomorrow. For now, enjoy this succinct cartoon about Black Friday, the holiday that celebrates the joy of black-hearted consumerism. 🙂



Image (957)Huh, looks like everyone’s a critic, even the monsters themselves. Oh well, Happy Halloween to those who celebrate it.

An extra note: I’m taking off next week for personal reasons (excellent ones, too!). Orange and Blue will return on the 12th of November.

198 – Halloween Outfit Contemplation



Happy 2-day-late Halloween. It fits in pretty neatly with the whole Autumn arc, and I finally got to draw Felix with multiple tails!

…what? I’ve wanted to draw him like that for a while, sue me.

Happy Independence Day


A warm Happy Birthday to America from Farah. Enjoy the weather (well, it’s nice where I am at least) and have a merry old time with your family and friends. Also, don’t do fireworks in the forest. For those who don’t celebrate Independence Day, I wish you a good day anyway.

062 – Taste The Rainbow


This strip makes me wonder, do the people who read this comic remember the names more or the colors? Leave a comment, if you will.