107 – Meanwhile…


It's like there's caffeine in his blood. Sedating Sergio is like trying to stop a train with nitrogen-oxide fuel blasters being towed by Sonic the Hedgehog. With a feather. And those jumpsuit guys are now officially Joe and John. Which one is which? That’s for you to decide.

106 – More Saving to Do


What a know-it-all

Sometimes it pays to be cynical. Also, I’m experimenting with emotion/mood background panels here. I hope to make them a bit more common in this new style.

105 – Jealousy


Let's play Felix's Clues to find out!

Ooh, Felix’s has never had friends before, so he’s never needed to deal with the beast that lives within us all…That’s jealousy, in case you didn’t see where I was going with that.

104 – The Scent Method


I did this with my friend's chihuahua. It didn't work.

Well, being a scientist, I’m sure she used Purel first. Ah, that artificially delicious smell is simply intoxicating.

103 – Silent Suspense


They say if you're quiet enough, you can hear a pin drop.

Going into a room with a wolf and a wild fox in the hopes that the wolf will recognize you and not harm you in any way? Yeah, that sounds monumentally stupid to me. Good luck!