102 – Decision


Or, it could be a rogue weirdo.

Felix is super rational in this strip, as always. It could be a huge trap, but Ackbar is nowhere to be seen, so I’m a bit skeptical.

101 – Callout


Who could this be!? Well, if you were paying attention way earlier in the comic, you know who this is.

100 – I Know You’re in There


COMIC 100!!! I honestly never imagined  three years ago that my dreams of making a webcomic would come true, but they definitely did. Best part is that the 100th comic is on the anniversary of Orange and Blue. How’s that for timing?

099 – Fickleness


Funny how fast friends can turn on you, huh? If you haven’t noticed by now, Farah IS slightly taller than Felix, so she’d probably be able to take him down pretty easily. The question is, what happened?

098 – Release the Kraken


New art style, you dig? I think this looks much cleaner than before and is way more appealing to the eye. Tell me what you think! Also, Orange and Blue’s 1 year anniversary is coming up on the 14th, which luckily happens to be a Wednesday. Expect some special art.