Happy Halloween 2017


OB Halloween 17

Who knew that Farah and Ashley were such big Pokemon fans? You can see their dedication in these costumes! …Are they really costumes, though…?

Happy Halloween 2016 (Hey, that rhymes, too!)



Okay, so story time. I’ve been doing the Drawlloween challenge over on my Tumblr, and I’m a few days behind. Decided to do a sequel to last year’s special! Obviously, it’s not REALLY the 27th, but come on, 3 days isn’t that bad…right?

Happy Halloween 2015 (hey, that rhymes)



I love Ravens and Crows. And AUTUMN! Here’s to a lighthearted holiday and season!



Image (957)Huh, looks like everyone’s a critic, even the monsters themselves. Oh well, Happy Halloween to those who celebrate it.

An extra note: I’m taking off next week for personal reasons (excellent ones, too!). Orange and Blue will return on the 12th of November.

198 – Halloween Outfit Contemplation



Happy 2-day-late Halloween. It fits in pretty neatly with the whole Autumn arc, and I finally got to draw Felix with multiple tails!

…what? I’ve wanted to draw him like that for a while, sue me.

Were-Farah says “Happy Halloween!”


I like this take on Farah, it’s very simple yet pretty effective in conveying a tone. Also, TEETH! I personally don’t really celebrate Halloween (okay I might dress now and again, but no trick-or-treating) but I figure I might as well seeing how the day fell on a Wednesday. Who knows, I might use this bold outline style for the actual comic, what do you think? HAPPY HALLOWEEN!