Orange & Blue – 10 Years!


This is it. The big one-zero. A full decade of illustrating and writing a webcomic. I can only imagine my younger self seeing this picture ten years ago when he decided to take a crack at a webcomic and seeing how far he could get. There are lots of faces in this picture: some of them are regulars, and others are blasts from the past. Being able to create a world with so many colorful characters and simply experimenting with what they’d do in all these crazy situations is some of the most fun I’ve had in my life. I honestly can’t believe I’ve been doing this for 10 years, but here we are. November 14, 2011 feels like forever ago at this point, but its a day I’ll never forget.

Happy Birthday to our favorite fox and our favorite wolf.

485 – The Fallout



I guess Farah finally got her answer.

Aaaaand that does it for 2016! See you next year!

484 – Close Shave



OUCH, that’s gotta sting…

483 – Catacalysm



Attack, defense, and countering, all in one picture.

482 – Standoff



Two wolves and one psycho with a syringe of mind-altering drugs. What more can you ask for in a standoff like this?